Types of Trade Show Displays

Attendees of trade shows are much more sophisticated these days. It’s not enough just to attend a show; exhibitors have to lay on a professional atmosphere. Here are the different types of displays for your consideration:

1. Table top displays – these will sit on a table usually in the form of a large standing booklet. You can select from different designs, but they are mostly three panel style that will hold graphics with the use of Velcro.  A great way to display information when all you have is a small surface.

2. Banner stands – a banner stand will hold your graphics in place. They can either be hung from the ceiling, freestanding (similar to a large vertical flag) or a panel that will stand on the floor. The space can be used to show graphics that explain your products or services.

3. Portable trade show displays. It’s all about mobility with these types of displays. They are easy to install – mostly without the use of tools. They’re easy to ship at low cost and very portable.

4. Pop up displays – Very easy to use. You can arrive at a show and pop them up in mere minutes. The display will pop into place, and then you can just add the graphics.

5. Backlit displays. Attendees of trade shows love a bit of glam and that’s just what backlit displays offer. Not only does the light draw the eye to the display, but it makes graphics look fantastic as it brings out the colours. There are different shapes and sizes to choose from.

6. Modular displays. Many different parts that make up the whole marketing power of the exhibit. We can build the complete display for you with computer stations, banner walls and lots of counter space where you can engage your guests.

7. Custom built displays – when the show really counts for your business, you may want to go for a custom display. They are usually more elaborate and possess design features that market your products and designs to showroom standards.  Think large appealing graphics and great décor.

If you’re not sure what type of trade show display you need, then you can seek the help of our staff. Just give us a call and explain what you’d like to achieve and we can help you to select the best display for your business’s marketing needs.