Tips on How to Get The Best of Your Display Stand During An A Trade Show

OK, so you’ve decided to use one of the best ever marketing tools – the display stand. You’ve spent your money, now you are looking to get the best possible return on your investment.

Here are our tips on how you can get the best of both your stand and the event:

Determine what your goals are.

As with all business, defining your goals is essential for you to make progress. You’ll need to start by getting the other members of the team aligned with the goals. The best approach is to sit down with them and then work through these questions:

  • What is the purpose of taking a stand or booth at this particular event?
  • How many leads are you hoping to walk away with?
  • Which clients do you want to continue to build a good relationship with?
  • Are you hoping to recruit new members of staff at the event?
  • Are you looking to find investment or other types of business partners?

Once you have defined your goals and given a measurement to them, your goals will help you to work out what your strategy should be.

Be approachable.

Smile, be friendly, welcoming and do make eye contact. One of the most effective ways to get people to come over to the stand is to hold a raffle or to provide an opportunity to win something for free. That something might be the chance to win a smartphone or even to be able to pick up a handful of free sweets from your table top. Do whatever it takes to break the ice. To succeed in business, you need to give something first. People will feel then compelled to do something back for you.

Offer a reminder gift.

Go for something that is unique and earns itself some “oohs” and “aahs”. T-shirts (especially with huge boring logos on them) aren’t necessarily going to get worn and you’ll be wasting your budget.

Hold a raffle.

There’s not a better way to collect contact details. You can ask for people to enter their business card into a box. You can then contact them later on with a free gift such as a pen to console them for not winning the main prize. Include a copy of your latest marketing material and ask them to call you if they have any questions.

Make your business cards stand out.

If they are one offs and unique then your card is likely to get shown to others, and you’ll be remembered for longer.

After the event, do a review of what went well.

You should also look to see how well you did at meeting your goals. You’ll then be in good shape for the next trade show that you attend.