Optimising Your Marketing Power With Your Trade Show Stand

Marketing exhibits have the potential to zap your competition and put you ahead if you do it right. It’s just that many businesses don’t know how to get the best from their trade show stand. Quite often people will go towards the more is better approach, but that isn’t’ always the best way. Cramming too much information onto a banner is not going to get you the results that you want.

Here are our tips on how to optimise your marketing:

Trade shows are excellent for broadening the reach of your brand, however you need to make a good first impression. If you already have displays then you should check them out to see if they deliver a strong marketing message.  You don’t want them to over deliver on the information and details or your message won’t be clear.

Select images that display your products well.

People need to see the products that you’re offering. If you sell services, then show one of your service personnel with a happy customer. It’s important that you do all that you can to build the trust of your clients. Sales only occur where there is trust.

Determine your team strategy

Identify what your goals are for attending the event. You then need to ensure that the team are fully aware of this and will work towards achieving it. You should keep a measurement behind the stand of where you are with reaching the goals. Enable your staff enough time to take a break, eat well and to drink plenty of water. If they don’t feel their best, they won’t be able to perform with a smile and an approachable and sociable demeanour.

Practice your elevator speech

You don’t want your new leads to feel trapped in a sales pitch. Learn your elevator speech and then allow the conversation to flow after you’ve delivered it. Bring people from the business who operate on different levels so that the clients can meet a wide range of employees. It will make your stand be more welcoming and less overwhelming.

Collect leads

One of the most effective ways to catch new leads is to hold the brochures out of sight. Once you have had a chat with somebody then you can ask for their contact details so that you can send them information on your business and offerings. You might also want to set up a raffle so that you attract more people over to your stand. However you collect names, make a note of what they signed up for so that you know how to approach them with further information.