How to Store Your Trade Show Displays Between Events

Once the trade show is over, many people forget all about the care of the displays. However, if you keep them in good condition and ready to go the next time around, you’ll be saving yourself both trouble and money as you’ll avoid costly repairs.

Use the display containers

Trade show displays are delivered in cases to protect them during shipping and storage. If you didn’t receive one of these, then contact the company that you ordered them from, and you may be able to buy one separately. You should use a hard case with foam to protect each individual piece from damage.

Be careful about heat

When it comes to plastic, heat can cause a lot of damage. Each piece of a trade show display is designed to fit together tightly. When heat comes in to the picture, it can distort plastic so that it swells and no longer fits. Sometimes it will even take the strength out of it, so that it snaps when you try to use it. To prevent this type of result, keep your trade show displays in a place where the temperature is fairly even year round.

Watch out for surface water

Depending on where you store your trade show displays, there could be an issue with water or dampness. Unfortunately flooding can happen at any time and this is what will completely ruin your trade show display. The graphics could be destroyed by getting water on them. Keep your displays up off the ground and in its protective case to give it the best chance of a long life.

Practice putting it together before the day

A few weeks before you need to use your trade show displays, you should be doing a trial run. Ensure that they look good and still fit together in the same way that they were designed to. You should look to see if you need to replace any bulbs or if any of the graphics are damaged. You can avoid the last minute scramble to replace any broken fixtures or graphics.

This is why it’s essential to pack up your graphics and store them properly after the event. They can then remain part of your trade show, year after year without needing to shell out extra expense.

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