How to Choose Trade Show Displays and Banners

One of the most powerful marketing techniques in any industry is the trade show. They offer a great opportunity to not only showcase your products and services, but to network and mingle with new leads and potential business partners.

However, trade shows can be very busy places with a lot of competition for the attention of attendees. That’s why it’s critical to spend time selecting the best trade show displays that will promote your business professionally and efficiently.  The main goal should be to try to get people to remember your business so that they will come back to you at a later date.

What do you need to consider when designing the space allocated to your trade show stand area?

The display that you select will most likely depend on the following:

  • Budget
  • The marketing needs of your business
  • The types of products that you need to promote
  • The amount of space available to you at the show
  • The branding of your business

No matter what type of business you are, you need to display your products properly. This may involve using a selection of display banners and table tops displays. There may also be the need for some panel displays to add to the back wall of your stand. If the exhibition hall is low on lights, then you may need to invest in lighting fixtures. If you are in darkness, you won’t get the visitors that you were hoping for.

Lastly you will need to select displays that are very eye-catching. Quite often using a large cut out figure of a very attractive person can work well – if you are on a budget. People are naturally drawn to good looking people and this could work in your favour. If you aren’t running on such a tight budget, then a backlit display will most likely be your choice. Whatever you opt for, you want something eye-popping that can be seen from a distance.

If you are not sure how to go about creating a trade show stand with a professional, welcoming and attractive atmosphere, then give us a call. We have worked with hundreds of trade show exhibitors and are well versed in what it takes to draw attendees to your stall. We will help you to select the best display stands for your needs and budget.