Don’t Know Which Trade Show To Attend?

Trade shows are excellent marketing opportunities and if we had our own way, they’d be no limit to the amount that we could attend. However, reality and budgets get in the way of that, and unfortunately we are all limited on the number of shows that we can attend.

If you’ve identified two shows that you like the look of for your business, but you don’t know which one should be the one… then here are some factors that should go into your final decision:

Do Your Homework

Before you make your final commitment, be sure to do your research. On the website of each event, you should be able to find statistics of previous shows. Look at how many attendees were there along with any further information about whether they were decision makers and which industry they were from. You should even be able to find out which countries they were from. Look through the list of exhibitors for your biggest competition. If you don’t see any mention of them attending the event, then you need to carefully consider why that could be.

First Time Shows

If you can only attend one, then don’t go for a new show. Teething problems, staffing issues and sometimes low attendance make these something to avoid.

Check the Calendar

Christmas, mid-summer and Easter are all times when people might go away. You can expect low levels of attendance. You should also check the sporting calendar for clashes too as this could affect attendance.

Budgetary Considerations

Compare both events in terms of what they will cost you in terms of rental space, travel, food, hotel, shipping costs, time etc.

Convenience for Your Clients

One of the great outcomes of trade shows is that you can use them to strengthen the relationships with your existing clients. If it’s close enough for them to make it to the show, then that’s will be in your favour.


There’s a fair bit to organise before every show. You’ll need to book travel, select team members, develop marketing materials and ship your products. You should also look to run a meeting prior to the show so that everybody knows what the goals are and the strategy for it.

When it comes to selecting the right trade show, there are many elements to consider. What we’ve listed here are just a few of them. You should also consider what’s important to you at a trade show and then do a full comparison so that you select the best fit all round.