Common Trade Show Mistakes to Avoid

Whether this is your first trade show, or you’ve been doing the rounds for decades, it’s still very easy to make a mistake. So pull up a chair and relax as we explore a few areas that can cause even the most experienced trade show exhibitor to trip up.

You Probably Don’t Need That Conference Room

The human ego is a powerful thing. Even if you are top dog in your industry, you could still save money by not booking out a conference room to greet your guests in. This is particularly true if it’s your first time at a show. You’ll need to get the hang of the trade show process. Most often a table and chairs is enough space to have an informal chat with potential new leads.

Have a good think about what size display stand you’ll need. It could be that you don’t need the biggest this time around, in particular if it’s your first time. Check what size your competition usually uses to see if this might suit your needs.  You might prefer to ‘super-size’ your stand on your second show to compete strongly with your commercial rivals.

Don’t Go Too small

The problem with stands that are very small is that they will usually be on the outskirts of the show in areas that don’t get so much traffic. The larger stands are usually right in the action. You’ll need to check that your rental space and your stand are the right size to fit together well if you have hired us to deal with it for you, then of course we’ll help you out with measurements.

Not Determining Your Goals

Without clearly defined goals, it’s hard to make big progress at a trade show. Consider the answers to this question. What is this show about for your business – existing clients, new leads or finding business partners? Make a note and add a measurement to your goal so that you can get what you want from the show.

Using Poorly Put Together Marketing Brochures

The most effective and successful marketing is very clear and easy to understand. Of course, a touch of humour can work, but basically go for simple. Anybody who picks up your brochure should be 100% clear about what you offer within just a few seconds.

A Giveaway That Doesn’t Work

You’ve got to choose something that will deliver a strong marketing message. This is unlikely to be achieved on a free pencil. You’re better off spending on a smartphone or tablet to give away in a raffle than on lots of ugly t-shirts or key chains that you hope somebody will use.

If you’ve already run a few shows, then you may already be well aware of these common errors, but hopefully there’s something in there that you find useful.